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Mon. and Wed. 5:30-9:30pm
Sept 19th-Dec 7th
1905 Harney Suite 210, Omaha, NE


No experience needed.

Learn to Code, Calculate, and Visualize.

a different kind of learning

Learn to be a Data Science Advocate.

The Data Science Academy is designed to teach a person how to lead their company down the road of data discovery and data-driven decision making. While not the heavy mathematics or economics degree created by four year institutions, the graduate will leave the Academy with the confidence and the skills of an entry level data scientist and be able to have conversations with business units, build predictive analytical MVPs, and be able to know and manage the skill sets needed for data scientist projects.

Start an Exciting Career.

“We will have an anticipated 100,000+ person analytic talent shortage by 2020."


In the interest of getting you analyzing real datasets as quickly as possible and providing you will real-world skills, the emphasis in this course is on practical applications as opposed to theory.

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    Entry level predictive analytics.

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    Programming with Python, R, SQL, and Json.

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    Practical machine learning techniques.

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    How to design and create algorithms.

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    Data visualization fundamentals.

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    Graduate with Real Experience and a Tableau certification test.

Data Scientist, especially when related to Predictive Analytics, is one of the most sought out competencies in the market today. For this reason, this certificate will teach some of the most important techniques and tools necessary to introduce data science into company culture, get necessary political buy-in, find, manipulate, and analyze the data present inside your company’s database, make predictions of outcomes, and create visualizations that can help non-technical users understand and see the identified trends and patterns inside the data.

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Gartner states the need for data scientists is growing at about 3x those for statisticians and BI analysts, particularly in the fields of:

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The business landscape is changing rapidly because of technology which has created a unique job market for both job seekers and employers. People with the right skills can maintain their competitive edge in today’s job market.

Interface is both a platform for learning and a platform for teaching. They understand that first and foremost it takes talented people to build talented people. Perpetuating this cycle of teaching and learning is powerful and benefits individuals and communities.

Interface provides practical training to meet the demands of job seekers and employers in today’s job market. They offer students an immersive learning program lead by industry experts and a professional network that connects students and businesses throughout the Midwest. It is for this reason the Omaha Data Science Academy is teaming up with them. They have a breadth of experience in how to train students with the knowledge to

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1905 Harney Street, Suite 710 (management), Suite 210 (classroom)

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